Business Start

This is a complete business start up SMART repair kit

Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques

For use with leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and odour removal.

This business start up kit comes complete with on site training and an accredited supplier list.

The Trim Techniques Repair System comprises of two main parts or kits that between them ensure that you can tackle almost anything that the SMART repair market can throw at you! 

You will get a Velour and fabric system that includes 40 assorted velours, 48 prang fabric pencils, hot air dryer, spray adhesive, velour puffer, dura shield, base adhesive, razor blades, tweezers, mouth atomiser, mixing jars, dabber brush, odour fogger for (odour removal) and a carry case. 

You also get the leather, vinyl and plastic system that includes Compressor, HVLP Spray gun, 60 formulated colours (200ml), 14 Leather and vinyl paints (half litres), mixing manual and colour deck, 9 sem bumper coaters, 8 popular vinyl colours, fine texture, rough texture. flexibond,  2 x fast Gel (clear & black,) axcelerator, leather repair adhesive, Leather crack fill, leather ez fill, graining compound, graining catalyst, magic stick, preval units (very useful) preval jars, vinylhyde, 0.1g scales, cold block, ultratorch, spatulas, curing iron, graining papers, &  Teflon sheet.

And of course the training manual, supplier contact details and a list of useful web addresses etc.

During training we will also show you other revenue generating opportunities that are useful additions to your business. 

The cost for the Trim Techniques repair system including training and delivery within the U.K. is �3499.00.

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