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Due to the way our system is organised at present, each item needs to be ordered separately.  Click on the Buy Now button next to the item you require and enter your information and make the order.

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Scuff Kit - Repairs small damaged areas on leather seats or trim.       Advise of Specific Colour 19.99 + 3.50 P&P 23.49
Magic Touch - fully restores 4 Standard leather car seats
      Advise of Specific Colour  
49.95 + 4.50 P&P 54.45

Magic Touch - fully restores 4 Large leather car seats  
      Advise of Specific Colour
69.95 + 5.50 P&P 75.45

Cigarette Burn Repair Kit - Advise of Specific Colour 12.99 + 1.00 P&P 13.99

Leather Care Kit - for refurbishment of leather 12.99 + 2.50 P&P 15.49
Full Professional Leather Repair Kit   800

Business Start-Up Kit (Contact us first for details)   3,499

All kits contain materials of the highest professional standards.